Apple rejecting worker getaways For 2nd Week Of October, Hints towards possible iphone 5 as well as iOS 5 introduce [REPORT]

According to a report published today, Apple Inc. is rejecting its workers to take getaways during the second week of October.

The news comes from a report published by AppleInsider – a blog devoted to covering inside Apple-related news as well as analysis.

Our routine readers, of course, will comprehend what this report suggests: the people up at Cupertino are gearing up for the introduce of a new product or products: iOS 5 and, with it, iphone 5.

From AppleInsider:

Apple is quietly rejecting requests for worker getaways during the second week of October, hinting that the business currently anticipates an influx of clients to its stores around that time associated to availability of its new iOS 5 as well as fifth-generation iphone products.   much more specifically, the iphone maker has in some places blacked out getaway time for workers from October 9th with 12th as well as October 14th with 15th, according to people familiar with the matter.

There are a number of independent reports from separate sources which autumn according to today’s news. one of the strongest comes from former U.S. Vice president as well as present member, Apple Board of Directors Al Gore who was heard stating that new iPhones are coming in October. A report from All things D’s John Paczkowski published prior to Al Gore’s statement declared that Apple will be holding a media event on October 4th where the next generation iphone (or iPhones) would be revealed by the new CEO Tim Cook, with introduce slated for a week or so later which just occurs to be those precise days Apple when isn’t enabling workers to go on vacation.

Besides this, Apple’s recent announcements concerning the resetting of iCloud as well as iTunes match data likewise hint at the business is getting prepared for iOS 5 and, as a consequence, iphone 5. If we look back a little, you’ll discover that the iphone 3GS as well as 4 released together with iOS 3 as well as 4 (respectively). Apple announcing as well as releasing the iphone 5 together with iOS 5, then, does seem quite likely.

There are reports which insurance claim that Apple will be releasing not just one, however two new iPhones. possibilities are, this will be a low-end iphone 4 look-alike aimed at people who can’t pay for a full-fledged smartphone (aggressively priced) as well as a next-generation high end iphone which will retail for the common $199 (16GB) as well as $299 (32GB) with a two-year contract.

No one outside Apple understands for sure what the iphone 5 looks like. However, we are sure about one thing, as well as that is it will be powered by the dual-core Apple A5 chip that is currently in utilize on the iPad 2. That’s the only piece of info concerning the next-gen iphone that everybody agrees on.

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